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Here are a few testimonials expressing individual experiences people have had working with David Glasband in their homes:

Ryan Stiles, Actor, Comedian - Encino, California:

"When I bought my home formerly owned by Liberace in Encino, California David did a great job renovating the house. I highly recomend him! No kidding!"

Earl Holliman, Actor (Police Story with Angie Dickenson, numerous roles in film and TV Sons of Katie Elder, etc, animal activist in Los Angeles "Actors and Others for Animals") "David did fabulous work! He puts out when it matters on the job... He's such a wonderful guy I can't say enough good things about him. I highly recomend him if you want to have great work done! He renovated the home I lived in with my family in Studio City, California that holds huge sentimental value for me.

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David is refreshingly up front and honest. " (Earl Holliman)

Kathy Kinney, Actor (Mimi on the Drew Carey Show): "David cared about every detail of every aspect of work in my home near Griffith Park. He's a wonderful man to deal with. He's not cheap with his time or care for my house. He took great care to restore and renew every room of my home and I love it now!"

Richard Ellner, (Former head of the Security and Exchange Commission-Washington D.C.) "David personally did a tough job renovating my kitchen in Pasadena, California and was honest at his own expense. He's a great guy to deal with and I highly recommend him! I'd be happy to refer him personally if he needs me to."

David's Testimonial:

There are many many more testimonials available from my past clients. I have a high end client list of who's who here in LA, but building kitchens for "ordinary" home owners is what has brought me the most personal reward inside because "I am one of those ordinary people as well"!

Knowing you will live with and enjoy my work long after your project is completed is my personal joy.

Creating either one room to spend your life in with loved ones, or creating an entire house of rooms that makes your house into your home grants me the knowledge that I contribute to the happiness and joy of the lives of my clients. - David Glasband -

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